Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have A Happy And Safe 2015, Fly Right......

    Well it’s New Year’s Eve and all goes well, unless you are one of those “pilots” I have been reading about on the FAA accident reporting site. I really do wonder what makes those pilots tick that make it to the internet site. Why don’t you read it for yourself and think about it?

Here are some examples of their doings:
                Gear up landing,
                Damaged nose wheel on landing,
                “Gear collapses upon landing” or oops I’ll push the handle
    down now and HOPE for the best,
                Damaged landing gear on hitting runway or taxiway lights,
                Wing damaged as hit other plane or hangar etc.,
                Crashed on take-off due to engine failure (or oops should
    have done proper pre takeoff run up),
                Gear damaged due to drifting off runway or taxiway,
 And so on, the list almost endless.

Have a Happy and a safe New Year. If you are planning to fly, please stay off the FAA accident reporting sites.

See you in 2015

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